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Fresh Yemeni Henna Powder

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Product Description

Out Of Stock Until Summer 2014

Indulge yourself with our professional grade Yemeni henna powder freshly imported from Yemen’s Sana’a Region. Yemeni henna powder is noted for it's rich red dyeing properties and for its stringiness.

We love Yemeni henna powder because:

  • it's our personal favorite for hair
  • rich red tones
  • easily washes out of hair
  • strengthens
  • loosens curl pattern
  • thicker hair
  • protects your hair from the elements
  • reduces split ends
  • helps and heals HFS clients (those suffering from hand foot syndrome)
  • gets rid of dandruff
  • kills lice

More Info

Yemeni has a dye release of 3-4 hours for hair use, and 10-12 hours for body art use. Since yemeni is not as smooth as other henna powders, for body art use, we recommend you cut it with another henna powder such as our Jamila, or organic indian henna powders.

How much you will need depends on your hair length, and thickness. This will give you a generally idea of how much you’ll need for 1 application: Above ear length: 50-75 grams Shoulder length: 100-125 grams Bra strap length or mid-back: 150-175 grams Lower back (above hips): 200 to 225 grams Hip/Waist length: 250 to 300 grams For hair use this henna powder is well sought after for it's rich, consistent red tones.

Veronica's recipe: She used 60/40 ratio of henna to indigo, with the henna mixed with very strong, cool black tea. Then after that she did two very strong glosses of mostly henna with a little bit of indigo.

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Product Reviews

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  1. Great color...

    Posted by Ivy on 15th Jun 2013

    I am a henna head but this was my first time using Yemeni. I mixed this with some hibiscus tea I made. The color is gorgeous but it does contain twigs that are still in my hair and I rinsed and rinsed and rinsed. I even tried to sift the henna prior to adding the tea but it didn't help. I would give 5 stars but those twigs messed me up. I'll stick with Jamila from now on.

  2. wow

    Posted by Unknown on 2nd Nov 2012

    I used HENNA FOR AFRICAN HAIR 2 times (I chose this because my hair is in bad shape because of perming and coloring...I am Caucasian with medium brown hair) before using YEMENI. all I can say is my hair feels so good and the breakage stopped and my color is just gorgeous! a rich cinnamon color and so so shiny! I love this stuff! and I have only used it once...cant wait to see my hair after a few more times:)

  3. Great color and gray coverage

    Posted by Maggie on 7th Oct 2012

    I've only used Yemeni in addition to Jamila BAQ (that I had in the freezer) - I mixed them together using equal portions of both. I could tell a huge difference from using just Jamila. I was used to having to use several applications to get my grays thoroughly covered. This got my stubborn grays and darkened the rest of my already dark brown hair. I wasn't prepared for such dark color esp from 1 application, but the gray coverage makes it worth it. This henna was very user-friendly. I got 100 grams which will last me for a long time since I rarely do full applications. I also got Red Raj b/c I've heard so much about it, but haven't tried it yet. I'm so impressed with Yemeni, but do have concerns about what is going on in Yemen, and in much of the Middle East. It's a volatile situation, and I'll be watching closely.

  4. love this on my hair!

    Posted by Mary Jo on 6th Oct 2012

    I've been using Red Raj, but it's out of stock, so decided to give this a try. I chose this because I want more of a red rather than orange color. Mixed it 50-50 with Indigo and about 25g Cassia and 25 Amla and got excellent results! Love how it looks--beautiful dark brown with red highlights, just what I wanted.

    I'd done the two step henna/indigo application last winter, and the contrast between the part that'd grown out and the bottom half of my hair was just too much--this has evened things out nicely, and the color is glorious. Thank you, Henna Sooq!

  5. Love the color, but too many twigs

    Posted by Tonia on 20th Sep 2012

    Im not sure if I can that this washes out easily...the grit does, but there were just too many twigs.

  6. Adore this henna

    Posted by Shell on 16th Aug 2012

    Love this henna, have been using for around one and a half years now and everyone comments on how lush my hair is. I find it easy to use and wash out and leaves my hair a wonderful colour until the dreaded roots come through that is!

  7. Love it

    Posted by Gen on 7th Aug 2012

    I have used a bunch of different kinds of henna. I even used the Lush Caca Rouge mix. I loved the Yemeni henna probably the best out of all of the versions I've tried. I made my mixture fairly watery, and I ended up using only 50g for my chin-length thick-as-heck hair. It was a little stringy and very difficult to rinse out, but certainly not the worst I've tried in that department. I noticed a lot of reviews talked about finding sticks, but I didn't find any. Will buy again.

  8. Best henna I've used so far

    Posted by Unknown on 30th Jul 2012

    I've been using several different hennas for about 4 years now trying to achieve the right cool toned red without the orange. This is my first time ordering Yemeni and I love it, in one shot it's brought me almost exactly to the color i want. Fast dye release and it washed out fine, i just rinsed and then used conditioner and it all came out nicely. I'm trying Red Raj next just to see which one gets my hair to the coolest tone of the two but I will definitely be ordering more, I'm very happy with it. Thank you for this!!

  9. Great Color!

    Posted by Unknown on 29th Jul 2012

    I mixed this with the Supreme Blend to use with a jaq bottle and needle--the batch I had a bit of debris, and straining the paste didn't work out very well (my fault on that, should have sifted first rather than strained later) thus the four stars...

    However, it also gives GREAT color, very dark, which is what I was looking for, thus the four stars :-) So, I definitely recommend this for hair rather than mehndi applications!

  10. My first choice

    Posted by Josie on 12th Jul 2012

    The yemeni was my first try with henna, 4 ou 5 years ago. After a couple of years with Jamila and Rajasthan, I've decided to come back to the Yemeni. I think it is the best henna to reach a deep red. I can really see a difference: Yemeni henna covers my grays much more easily. That's why I came back to my first choice! I wish it will never be out of stock again...

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