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Indigo for Hair

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  • Veronica's Henna & Indigo'ed Hair
  • Indigo used to maintain natural black tones and cover grey

Product Description

Indigo Powder for Hair is a natural plant. The powdered leaves have a natural dark blue dye. Indigo is used along with henna to dye darker hair tones.

What color tones will you achieve? 

  • reddish brown when using proportions of 75% henna and 25% indigo. This method is called a one step process.
  • brown tones when using proportions of 50% indigo and 50% henna. This method is called a one step process.
  • dark chocolate brown tones when using proportions of 75% indigo and 25% henna. This method is called a one step process.
  • Black Tones when you use henna first at 100%, and then second step of indigo at 100%. This method is called a two step process. 
  • Apply indigo with your henna application to get browner tones. This method is called a one step process. 

Instructions and recipes will also come with every purchase of indigo.

Our indigo is packaged in double plastic bags inside of foil packaging. This ensures freshness.

Please note: this indigo differs from our organic indigo. They are from two different farms, and the results vary. This difference is similar to the difference in color results between henna powders. This particular indigo is best for resistant hair and grey hairs. We recommend this indigo for our clients wanting dark tones including black tones. 

Fall Batch 2014

More Info

Dye release for indigo is 15-20 minutes. Please mix with warm to hot water only. A bit of salt added to the indigo will help it adhere better to your hair strands, if needed.

Using indigo for brown to black tones

Veronica's recipe: She used 60/40 ratio of henna to indigo, with the henna mixed with very strong, cool black tea. Then after that she did two very strong glosses of mostly henna with a little bit of indigo.

Product Videos

Mixing Indigo for Resistant Hair and Black Tones (05:26)
This new indigo that we have in stock is perfect for those who have resistant greys and hair. This indigo also is best for deep rich black tones. You can get your indigo and all your natural hair care products at Henna Sooqhttp://www.hennasooq.comThank you!
  • Mixing Indigo ...
    This new indigo that we have in stock is perfect for those who...
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Product Reviews

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  1. Indigo 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 14th Jul 2015

    I was very please with the prompt delivery service. I have no complaints with the indigo. I mixed mines with the henna to cover up the grays and it did just that.

  2. Fast Developing and application time! 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 6th Apr 2015

    I am a newbie to using henna/indigo. I was a bit nervous, but I read all the great information on the website to develop my paste for the henna and indigo. I was going for chocolate brown - but I ended with slight red undertones - which is actually fine. I think next time I will add less henna and a bit more indigo. I also included a bit of aloe vera to the henna and a bit of salt to the indigo. Overall I am pleased with the immediate healthiness of my hair. When applying my paste - I became calm - whereas with boxed colors I tend to be stressed for some reason, but the henna/indigo mixture was relaxing. Further, the paste was easy to apply no mess at all! I will continue to buy from henna sooq!

  3. Thanks HS 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 17th Mar 2015

    Hey Gals. I just posted a satisfied customer review in the Jamila BAQ product line and here in Indigo, I must say again, I will never go back to box color ever. This color is the best and the process being a long one, turns out to be my spa day which is perfect for me on my day off. The Black color gets more Black ever time I color, and that's exactly what this Gal need. All the best

  4. So smooth.... 4 Star Review

    Posted by on 12th Mar 2015

    It added good color. Strong as I only put half as much indigo as I did henna and my grays still look light brown instead of red! It's smooth and rinsed out easily. It didn't have a bunch of sticks and stuff either! Smooth. I'll be ordering this again!

  5. Goes great with Raj Red! 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 21st Jan 2015

    Great product.

  6. covers gray 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 24th Oct 2014

    this indigo is the best I've ever used to cover gray.

  7. you want black? use this! 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 19th Oct 2014

    I use red raj but have been wanting black hair, but I held off on buying real indigo in lieu of a well known health food store brand of 'black' (indigo & henna mix). My roots stayed red no matter how many times I used it. I finally ordered indigo for hair and boy am I glad I did! I did the 2-step: slept in red raj/amla blend, rinsed (no conditioner) in am and put the indigo on for 2 hrs. In my indigo was salt (to stick) and xanthan gum (to hold it together on my head), with warm water. Applied immediately. Did not wait for dye release. The results: glossy jet black hair from root to tip! My roots are as black as night. Thanks for this amazing product! Don't mess around w less-get the best! You won't regret it!!! I could see and smell how FRESH this stuff was out of the bag!! Thanks Khadija :)

  8. nothing magical! 2 Star Review

    Posted by on 10th Sep 2014

    There was nothing magical about this indigo, I thought I would get rid of my gray strands with it but nah! It didn't work for me, although I did notice my hair color darken over all but doesn't work on gray hair.

    Henna Sooq Reply: Thank you for your feedback. We're sorry to hear this henna didn't work for you. It is very sensitive to the time needed for dye release. Did you contact our team to ask for assistance in going over your recipe? We would have loved to make recommendations to help you have success with these powders. Sometimes minor tweaks are needed for success as these powders do cover grey hair.

  9. best indigo ever 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 23rd May 2014

    I am so happy with all Henna Sooq products. After a shampoo with brahmi powder, I have just applied this following recipe to my hair and it looks shiny, deep brown as I like. The dough was also easy to apply and to rinse, which is not always the case....
    I have medium brown hair and I think I found the perfect recipe:
    - 1/3 organic henna (I prepared it a day before and left it at ambient temperature all night) mixed with half lemon juice and half demineralized water
    - 2/3 indigo mixed with demineralized water
    - 1 tbs aloe vera powder
    - 1 tbs amla powder
    - 10 drops of bergamot essential oil
    - 2 tbs or organic camellia oil

  10. AMAZING RESULTS... 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 29th Apr 2014

    First, thank you for sending the Indigo in a timely fashion. I didn't have to wait long for the product. I'm ALL NATURAL and have been using the Beautiful Collection rinses to try and cover my grey; especially the stubborn grey around my edges. The results basically left a black stain around my edges, but the grey was still ever so present. Many times I would end up using a brown/black eyeliner to color in the grey. I recently heard about the Henna/Indigo two-step process on youtube. After using Nupur 9 Henna for 10 hours, I prepped the Indigo, right before washing out the henna, using warm coconut milk and 4tsp. of salt (see instructions). It took about 15-20 to wash out the henna, giving the Indigo just enough time to release the color. I must say the smell was very interesting, but bearable. I was anxious to see if this would live up to the hype I'd been hearing about. I washed out the Indigo the next morning and to my SURPRISE my hair was a beautiful rich black color all over and yep, even my stubborn edges. I was concerned that my hair would be a blue/black unnatural color, but it wasn't. It was naturally dark BLACK and BEAUTIFUL! To top if off, there were ABSOLUTELY NO BLACK STAINS around my edges. This by far has been the best self-coloring natural treatment I've ever had. Thanks to Hennasooq I will DEFINITELY be using this product again and spreading the word about my AMAZING RESULTS.

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