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Jagua Juice 2.5 oz

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This product only ships Mondays through Wednesdays (this is perishable)

Achieve cherry red- and up to black designs naturally by adding our jagua juice to your henna paste recipe.
Use jagua juice as a replacement for your usual liquid used in your henna paste.

Designs will last 10-14 days

Please read MORE INFO tab for storage, and care information

Ingredients: 100%, undiluted, unpasteurized Jagua ink fruit juice (Genipa Americana fruit juice ), squeezed fresh from the fruit and transferred through a filter.
Important: Always do a test patch of jagua (and henna products) to ensure you're not allergic to this fruit. Place a dime amount of jagua gel on your inner arm, and allow to remain on skin for 2-3 hours. Wash off with warm soapy water. Wait 4-5 hours before proceeding.
Jagua is a very strong dye. Do not do second applications on top of older jagua designs until the first application has completely faded.
The consistency of jagua juice is like that of water.

Upon receipt: Use immediately or store in fridge or freezer if not in use.

Contains 2.5 oz. (73 ml.)

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Black Henna | Mixing Jagua Paste 07:52

We have known for years that black henna is a dangerous chemical based henna body art product. Now by using jagua fruit juice you can safely create a true staining natural black henna design by adding the juice to your henna paste recipe instead of using water/lemon juice or other liquids. With these easy steps you can also mix your own jagua paste (aka hengua). Shop with us online for all of your henna and jagua product needs at:

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    We have known for years that black henna is a dangerous chemic...


Store it in the freezer for up to 12 months.

Use jagua juice as a replacement for liquid used in henna paste. Mix your henna paste as you usual do. Please refer to our henna body art recipe instructions.
Apply your henjua design to skin. Allow to dry 10-15 minutes. Cover with hypafix or saniderm for darkest results.
Leave on skin for 3-4 hours or overnight.
Design will be very light at first. Please allow 24-48 hours for color to full peak to a reach black cherry to black tone.

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