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Meet Khadija and Jamal

Henna is a single, simple plant carrying thousands of years of tradition, drawing people together from all over the world. Our common love for this beautiful healing plant has fostered the creation of a dynamic, diverse community.

Henna is a plant that grows in very hot, dry climates such as Morocco, India, Pakistan, and Yemen. This plant is used for traditional body art, sometimes called mehndi, for dyeing hair naturally, for its medicinal properties, and for art.

Sooq is Arabic for marketplace; hence, Henna and Sooq came together as one becoming the henna marketplace: Henna Sooq

Khadija has over 10 years experience with henna and natural hair care, and has been practicing body art as a professional henna artist since 2005. Jamal a lifetime Health and Fitness Enthusiast has been using henna in his hair and body since his adolescent years.

Our Mission: "To provide people with high quality henna products, tools and education to strengthen and color their hair naturally; promoting beautification through the traditional form of henna body art."

Our Vision: "Through a simple henna plant bring beauty, passion and wellness to every person."








Splinta24 of YouTube has been using henna, and natural hair care products for many years.
She is a well-known youtuber who shares with others her experiences. 
Her favorite products at Henna Sooq are Jamila henna powder, our shampoo bars, and several ayurvedic herbs.
She has gorgeous, healthy curly hair, and she maintains it perfectly!

Find out more by visiting her at: Splinta24 YouTube Channel


“Recently, while looking up information about Henna, I stumbled across the Henna Sooq site. After reading a bit and wandering to the Henna blog spot I decided that I would try coloring my hair with Henna. This was a huge step for me. Just last year..."

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Stevie has been using Jamila henna powder for years now, and her color has become a rich red. Her hair is extremely healthy, and shiny. Her recipe is so simple and gives her perfect results.
Read more about Stevie's recipe and hair journey.

Stevie's Recipe and Hair Journey





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