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Caring for Your Henna Body Art Design For Darkest Results

3rd Dec 2018

Caring for Your Henna Body Art Design For Darkest Results

How do you ensure the darkest stain results for your henna body art? Wouldn’t you love to ensure that you get that rich reddish brown stain? It can even dark as a black cherry. Using fresh body art quality henna powder is the first part in getting the darkest stains. Always choose the best which you’ll find at

Taking care of your henna design and stain is also very important to getting a dark stain and ensuring the design lasts longer. Following these simple steps:

1. Once your design is dry spray or dab with lemon and sugar mixture. Allow to dry.

2. Wrap you design in toilet paper, hypafix or saniderm. Keep warm.

3. Keep the design overnight or for at least 3-4 hours.

4. Remove the henna paste by either scrapping it off or the tapes will remove most of the design for you. If it’s a little sticky use a little water but try not to use too much water.

5. Avoid contact with or minimal use of water for 8 to 24 hours to ensure a beautiful stain on the area where the design is.

6. Moisturize your henna body art design with our Henna Care Balm.

7. Design will appear light in color at first (an orange tone). It takes 24-48 hour to darken.