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Squeaky Clean: Cassia + Soapnut + Shikakai Hair Recipe

20th Nov 2018

Squeaky Clean: Cassia + Soapnut + Shikakai Hair Recipe

Perfectly healthy and squeaky clean hair is what we all dream of.

There is no doubt in my mind that of all the products out there, that henna and Ayurvedic herbs must be part of everyone’s natural hair care regimen including all hair types, to maintain a healthy scalp and all of your gorgeous hair strands.

Mother Earth has already provided us with all the truly natural hair products we’ll need.

Cassia + Soapnut + Shikakai = squeaky clean and shiny hair recipe.
Mix your cassia and soapnut and shikakai together in a bowl. Equal proportions of each or as desired.
You can read this blog article to find out how much you’ll need in total for your hair length and thickness:

Adding your liquid. We recommend water, conditioner or apple cider vinegar. You can even use a combination of all 3 liquids. Mix well until consistency of a thick yoghurt.

You can use this directly onto your hair by scooping up a handful at a time. Gently rub throughout as you normally would with shampoo. Be gentle on your strands by washing from the roots to length.

You can also opt to leave this in your hair for up to 10 minutes. Then rinse or cowash the recipe out. Towel dry your hair and you can now moisturize your damp hair. Allow to air dry ideally (if possible) and style as usual.

We recommend this Ayurvedic hair treatment be repeated every 1-2 weeks as a deep cleansing treatment.

Do you have a favorite Ayurvedic hair cleansing recipe you’d love to share? Please comment below.