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Henna Gloss Bar

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WARNING! High Heat Index. Purchase at your own risk during HIGH HEAT. Product may melt and we will NOT be issuing replacements or refunds.

Handmade with organic ingredients.

Our Henna Gloss Bar is the perfect all in one moisturizer, and conditioning Ayurvedic hair treatment. A henna gloss is a very easy to use henna product that will nourish the hair, strengthen, create vibrant shiny hair, promote hair growth, reduces itchy scalp, and will give your hair a touch of red color from the henna. 

Henna Gloss: Strong and Nourished Hair

Ingredients: organic cocoa butter, organic shea butter, organic henna, organic hibiscus, organic marshmallow root, organic lemon juice, optiphen (preservative)

1 Gloss Bar: 4.5 oz / 127 grams

Please note: This product will also have imperfections as they are hand pressed into our molds. These imperfections in no way affect the results.



Slowly melt gloss bar on low heat on stovetop in pot. Do not microwave. Once gloss bar has fully melted you may use immediately or add other ingredients to customize your gloss. Suggested additions: coconut milk, essential oils etc. Apply evenly throughout hair starting from the front and moving towards the back. Wrap hair. Leave on hair for at least 30-60 minutes or as desired. Rinse out thoroughly and style as usual.


44 Reviews

  • First Use - Scared me

    Posted by Dee on 1st Apr 2020

    Just received this product and used it today. I melted it slowly and added a bit of coconut milk as suggested. I worked it into my hair, wrapped it in a plastic cap and let it sit for 4 hours. I know it has honey but it was HARD to get out. I ended up washing my hair twice and it still feels coated. I'm natural; I will see what tomorrow brings for how my hair will be. I bought 2 bars but would send the second back if I could. Not sure I want to use it...again, will see how it is in the morning.

    HS Reply: We're sorry our Henna Gloss Bar didn't work for you. It's very rich and very heavy. This product is specifically for those who have very dry hair. Would this be your hair type? Maybe used a little too much? This gloss bar also does not contain any honey at all. Are you sure this was this particular product? Please reach out to us directly. Would love to help in any way we can. Thank you for your review.

  • Henna Gloss Bar

    Posted by Paula on 20th Mar 2020

    This product left my hair really moisturized and soft. It also gave my hair a nice reddish tint. I will definitely continue to use regularly.

  • Gloss bar

    Posted by Whitney Bowen on 20th Jun 2018

    I'll give the gloss bar 5 stars because of the amazing ingredients and the chocolate smell but, i wasn't impressed with the results after using it. It did give my hair a shiny and moisturized look but, along with that look was greasy, weighed down hair. Now, maybe i used it wrong for my hair type. I used it on clean, but not just washed hair, then rinsed out with just water. I guess since my hair is low porosity, I'll be better off using this as an overnight treatment then washing with shampoo in the morning. Especially since this is made of thick butters, i ordered 2 more because i wasnt expecting a bad turn out but, im going to try rinsing it out with shampoo next time and may update this review.

  • Perfect product, will order again

    Posted by Jerica S Yingling on 26th Apr 2018

    This gloss bar makes your hair feel so buttery soft & smells amazing. PLUS, if you already use henna in your hair, it's the perfect product, as it has a hint of henna as well, which gives it a slight tint... but just subtly. So, I feel like it's the perfect answer when you aren't quite ready to re-henna your hair, but want to give your hair a little boost in between! I'm happy! And, it arrived within just DAYS of ordering.

  • Very Convenient

    Posted by Regina Lyles on 15th Mar 2018

    Very helpful product. Just melt and add ingredient if you like or not. It is very conditioning and hair is soft afterwards.

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