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Organic Aloe Vera Powder

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Benefits of Aloe Powder for Hair Care:

  • Adds moisture to your ayurvedic and natural hair care recipe
  • Conditions the hair
  • Nourishes new growth
  • Soothes and heals irritated scalp
  • Stimulates hair growth

Organic Aloe Vera Powder For Skin Care:

  • Face Wash
  • Moisturizing Nail Treatment
  • Face Masque
  • Soothes Sunburns
  • Spot Treatment for Acne
  • Body/Hand Wash

Ingredients: organic aloe vera powder

Quantity: 100 grams

Good until 2020



With Henna: You can add our aloe vera powder to your henna and Ayurvedic hair recipes (even indigo) for added moisture and provide slip to make paste easier to apply. Add 1 tsp Organic Aloe Vera Powder to 100g of your powder and mix with your choice of liquid.

Added to Indigo: To provide slip to Indigo paste and to lessen the ‘drying effect’ from the Indigo. Add only 1 tsp of Organic Aloe Vera Powder to 100g of Indigo and premix with water before adding to dye released Indigo.

We recommend you add 5% of your whole herbal recipe for best results in general.

Hair Masques: Add 1-3 tsp Of Organic Aloe Vera Powder to any moisturising, herbal, Ayurvedic or protein treatment to amp up the conditioning and moisturising.

Hair Wash: Blend Organic Aloe Vera Powder with water, herbal tea or Soapnut/Shikakai tea until the consistency resembles commercial shampoo. Massage the gel gently into the hair and scalp, leave on the hair for up to 5 minutes, then wash out. There’s no need to follow with a diluted acidic rinse as the pH of aloe is slightly on the acidic side, closer to the pH of the hair and scalps acid mantle.

Soothing Scalp Treatment: Create a paste from 3-4 TBS Organic Aloe Vera Powder and chamomile tea, and apply to the scalp for an extra soothing scalp pack for irritated and/or itchy scalps.

To Boost Growth: Combine 2 TBS each of Bhringraj Powder and Organic Aloe Vera Powder and 1 tsp Shikakai Powder with water and 1/4 tsp Organic Camellia Oil. Apply to scalp for at least an hour and wash out. Repeat once a week.

As a Post Wash Conditioner: Gradually add water to 1 tsp Organic Aloe Vera Powder and stir until there are no lumps. Stir in another 2 cups of water and shake until all lumps are gone. Pour the liquid over washed hair and leave on the hair for up to 10 minutes. Rinse well.

In Mister Bottles: Blend Organic Aloe Vera Powder with water to form a lump-free paste. Continue to add water until the paste is runny, the add this to 2 cups of water and shake. Make sure there are no lumps, or the spray bottle will clog. Spray the hair when it needs a moisture boost. If the hair feels crunchy, spray the hair with plain water afterwards and use a more dilute solution next time.

Organic Aloe Vera Powder For Skin Care

Aloe is also fantastic for the skin as it is moisturizing, healing, soothing, making it a very popular addition to face masques, body scrubs, nail treatments, cleansers. Following are some ways to use our Organic Aloe Vera Powder on the skin.

Face Wash: Mix a little (about 1/2 tsp) of Organic Aloe Vera Powder in your palm with a little water until a paste is formed. Dampen the face and massage the gel in with circular motions for up to 5 minutes and rinse well. If the gel is not rinsed well from the skin, it can create a slight tingling sensation for some.

Face Masque: Add 1tsp-1TBS Organic Aloe Vera Powder to any facial masque to quench thirsty skin. Organic Aloe Vera Powder can also be used in its own as a moisturising face masque.
Moisturising Nail Treatment: Blend 1 tsp Organic Aloe Vera Powder into a paste with water and apply to clean, damp nails. Cover each nail with a square of kitchen wrap and leave on for up to 30 minutes and wash off. Repeat weekly. To heal fungal nail infections, add 1 drop of Tea Tree Essential oil.

Sunburn Soother: Mix Organic Aloe Vera Powder with tea made from Egyptian Chamomile Flowers and apply to sunburn as often as needed.

Spot Treatment for Acne: Blend Organic Aloe Vera Powder with green tea and a pinch or two of Organic Rhassoul Powder and apply to spots for quick healing.

Body/Hand Wash: Blend 4 TBS of Organic Aloe Vera Powder with either water or herbal tea until it is of gel consistency and massage all over.

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  1. New Ayurvedic Herb User Turned Lifelong Ayurvedic Herb User 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 9th Aug 2018

    My hair has been going through changes - I believe mostly due yo aging as it began when i turned 39 (i'm now 40). I have thick, curly, waistlenghth, 3b/c and 4a textured hair and began to experience severe dryness, frizzing, shedding, and breakage. In addition, my curl pattern greatly relaxed and became more of a loose wave. I have not colored or chemically treated my hair in 20 years. I was at a loss as deep conditioning wasn't really working because my hair would not retain moisture, and styling products were no longer affective. I began researching and learned about ayurvedic herbs for hair care. I knew about henna - but was unaware of all the other herbs available. I did not try henna because I did not want to affect my natural hair color - dark brown with red undertones. I learned Cassia could provide the same conditioning benefits without the color. I also found out that all a could help restore curl pattern, so I thought I'd try both. All on all, I purchased amla (powder and oil), cassia, hibiscus, and aloe Vera powders from Henna Sooq. The quality is wonderful. Powders are finely ground and fresh. I also ordered fenugreek and marshmellow root powders from an alternate supplier to include in my first hair mask. I mixed all the powders together and added warm honey water and lavender essential oil to create a brownie mix-like consistency. The fenugreek, aloe vera, and marshmallow root added a great deal of slip which not only made application and rinsing very easy, but provided a tremendous amount of moisture.
    My hair improved dramically after the very first use. It was soft, moisturized (and retained moisture long afterwards), manageable, strong, almost completely frizz free, and most of my curl bounced back. I did a second application two weeks later and my results were even better. My hair has never looked or felt this good - even when it was "healthy". I did not experience any dryness at all with this mixture. I'm extremely pleased and will continue to use this treatment and purchase my powders from Henna Sooq. The quality of the product makes the cost insignificant.

    I also just began creating ayurvedic powder infusions for a hair / scalp oil treatment to be used twice a week and a water-based sprtitz that I will use daily as a leave-in conditioner. The amla oil that I purchased is also good - moisturizing, absorbs easily, and not too heavy.

    I'm so glad I ventured on this journey. Thank You.

  2. Loc friendly 4 Star Review

    Posted by on 30th Jul 2018

    I used this powder during my wash. I used the berhempsu shampoo bar and then I used the powder to create a paste and I also made a spray in a mister bottle. I put the paste on my scalp during my wash and I sprayed my locs with it and I let it sit for a little. After about 3 minutes I washed everything out and my scalp was full of moisture! My locs felt so soft and amazing! Definitely try it out! The only thing is it is very hard to get the right mixture if you are trying to make it in a spray bottle.

  3. Added slip 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 29th Jul 2018

    It definitely added more slip and moisture to my henna treatments but, i dont think i will be buying this again because, during my last treatement with this included, my scalp was itching. My hair is low porosity and i read some where a while ago that most people with low porosity hair are allergic to aloe vera. Didnt think of that when i bought this but, just a heads up for anyone who knows they'rere low porosity and considering buying this.

  4. moisture boost 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 28th Jun 2017

    Absolute staple to add to my henna glosses.

  5. moisture plus 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 13th Jun 2016

    I used this as a misty bottle leave in conditioner and this worked wonders on my two strand twist. My twist were Pippin and last for about a week or so. This will definitely be a reorder!!

  6. Aloe Vera powder 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 1st Apr 2015

    I am in love with this product. I use it in my deep conditioner, henna paste and as a spritz to refresh my hair. I just have one question. Does the spritz I make need to be refrigerated after I mix with water?

  7. My New Favorite Pre-Shampoo 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 9th Nov 2014

    I added this to my regular Pre-Shampoo mix (coconut milk, avocado, sesame oil) and my hair felt amazing. This is a permanent part of the mix now. Thanks Henna Sooq.


    Posted by on 3rd Jun 2014

    I've used this for moister control in a mister bottle. This is a great herb and adds awesome definition to my curls. There is no residue or no flaky scalp; just awesome conditioning.

  9. A new Staple in my Products bin 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 20th May 2014

    I've been using this on my hair, adding it to my henna mix, in a mister bottle and as a post wash conditioner and WOW! I love the slip it provides to Henna paste, it's really made a difference in how easy it is to wash the Henna out. As a mister/leave in conditioner it's the perfect moisture boost in the morning before using style products and in the evening before putting in some night conditioner. I'll be coming back to this page to try new receipes and maybe start using some of the skincare suggestions as well. I highly reccomend the product.

  10. Amazement! 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 9th May 2014

    I want to thank Henna Sooq for such wonderful products, and especially the suggested uses and recipes included in my order. I am beyond amazed by the results I achieved this week combining Shikakai, Brahmi, Red Raj, and Organic Aloe Vera powders in an herbal gloss treatment (my first multi-herb concoction!). *I say “amazed” about a hundred times in this review!*

    My “recipe”: 2 tbsp each of Shikakai, Brahmi, and Red Raj, and 1 tbsp of the Aloe Vera. I made a watery paste using peach herbal tea, and then added several squirts of apricot kernel oil and an unknown amount of Herbal Essences conditioner for color treated hair. I didn’t measure the conditioner; I just squeezed it into the mixture until the paste thickened up. I was afraid of my gray hairs becoming bright Bozo red, so I only let the mixture sit in a covered container for about an hour in the warm laundry room. Using my fingers (well covered in the purple nitrile gloves), I applied the gloss to my hair in four sections, making smaller partings with my fingers as I went along. I two-strand twisted each of the four sections after applying the gloss.

    After the twists were done, I wrapped my hair in clear plastic wrap, a clear shower cap, and finally an old t-shirt. The mixture sat in my hair for a little over 4 hours. It rinsed very quickly in the shower without a lot of color splatter that I’m used to from past henna sessions. I applied a generous amount of Garnier Fructis leave-in conditioner, a bit more apricot kernel oil, and several pumps of Motions Foaming Wrap Lotion, then combed it all through. I set my hair on large rollers and sat under a hooded dryer for exactly 1 hour. *I’m explaining all of this for a reason!* I removed the hair rollers and began to blow dry my hair, which was still slightly damp at the roots. I was trying to get my roots as smooth as possible. Lastly, I flat ironed my hair and trimmed the ends.

    The first thing I noticed when I was done styling my hair was that the gloss didn’t really cover my gray hair which is sprinkled along my hairline in front and down the middle of my head. They looked slightly blondish, but that was it. My hair already had a burgundy red rinse in from 2 months ago and didn’t look much different overall, i.e. no bright red highlights. I only used 2 tbsp of the Red Raj and perhaps combining it with the Brahmi darkened the color considerably, too. However, today two days later, the red highlights are much, much brighter.

    HOWEVER, the most important result was that my scalp is not dry and flaky. *Amazement* I have had MAJOR dry scalp problems from the time I was a child. I’ve used medicated shampoos, specialty “natural” shampoos, and I’ve also hennaed many times before, but NOTHING has ever banished my dry scalp (dry scalp, dandruff, eczema, psoriasis, who knows?) until now. After I wash or condition my hair, every time while my scalp is still damp you can see flaky skin. ALWAYS. But not after this treatment! I parted and sectioned my hair and couldn’t find ONE flake anywhere! I did not grease my scalp. I applied the products just as described and haven’t added any more oil or other product to my hair since Wednesday evening. This is especially amazing to me because after sitting under a hot dryer for an hour, my scalp has ALWAYS been tight, itchy, and flaky. I parted my hair and checked again yesterday and today and my scalp is CLEAN and CLEAR. I honestly feel like crying. I have had so much embarrassment from this flaky, itchy scalp all my life (40 years) and to think this combination worked so well, so quickly and by using such a small amount of product, just makes my heart sing.

    I will definitely continue purchasing these herbs from Henna Sooq. I feel like I found a magic potion! I’m going to apply more mixture this weekend. I popped my container in the freezer as recommended in the instructions. I hope that I’ll find a recipe to use on my face, which stays dry and flaky too. I love Henna Sooq!

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