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Organic Cocoa Butter

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Organic Cocoa Butter

  • Use Raw. Just take a dime amount in your palm and rub it all over your skin. The warmth from your hands will spread the butter all over, and deeply moisturize. Perfect for these extra dry winter months.
  • Deep Conditioning Treatment. Gently, and slowly melt your organic cocoa butter in a pot on your stovetop. Use the liquid organic cocoa butter in your Ayurvedic hair recipes, by adding the liquid to any henna, or herbs you use and mix well. A small amount of liquid goes a long way. Use this recipe as a deep conditioning treatment. Leave on your hair 30 minutes to an hour. Wash out throughly. It is a heavy moisturizing treatment so extra shampooing may be needed.
  • Hair Butter & Body Treatments. Add your organic cocoa butter to your hair & body butter recipes that you create.
  • Foot Treatment. Use your organic cocoa butter, and rub a thick layer all over your feet, including soles. Cover with a sock, and sleep with a this treatment on overnight. In the morning, remove your socks, and shower as usual to remove excess butter. Heals cracked feet, and leaves feet feeling refreshed, nourished, and silky soft.
  • Raw, Dry Skin Spots. Use raw to apply a thick layer on dry, and raw skin areas. Allow to deeply penetrate, and leave on either all day if comfortable for you, or as deep overnight treatment.
  • Hair Sealant. Using melted liquid organic cocoa butter, apply onto your hair as a leave in moisturizer. If this is too heavy for your hair, you can also just treatment dry, damaged areas, and ends. Use to seal, and hold your protective hair styles.
  • Yes! Heat is ok. Can be used with heat treatments and styling.
  • Scalp Soothing, and Healing. Organic cocoa butter will soothe, and heal irritated and inflamed scalp conditions.
  • Perfect for all hair, and skin types.

Quantity: 8 oz

Ingredients: theobroma cocoa (cocoa butter)* wafers

*organic ingredient

During high heat (summer months), we are NOT responsible for melted cocoa butter. No replacements and no refunds will be issued based due to melting. 


15 Reviews

  • Cocoa Butter pastilles

    Posted by mila on 31st Jan 2022

    Yum, these cocoa butter pastilles are the BOMB! I use them in my body butter recipes and they smell divine and moisturize so deeply. I love the pastilles for ease of use and travel! If you like cocoa butter you must try these!

  • So happy!

    Posted by Andrea Kyles on 15th Aug 2021

    I am so in love with ALL products that I purchase from this company.

  • Organic Cocoa Butter

    Posted by Lakesha Goodwin on 16th Apr 2021

    Another great purchase. Very smooth, easy to melt using the double boiler method, mixes well. My goodness, when I added this to my Ayurvedic Leave in Hair Conditioner it’s just hit different. I am a forever customer of this seller. I literally throw away everything that wasn’t brought from this seller and have started ordering herbs, to make my oils. I feel good using this sellers products and I am confident that if I choose to start selling my oils and conditioners that my customers will be getting the best.. I need to see if HennaSooq sells Hibiscus

  • Cocoa butter

    Posted by Early on 23rd Jul 2020

    The person packing the product needs to wear a hair net and seal the product better found a black hair in my container

    HS Reply: We're so sorry to hear this. We do wear hair nets, capes and wear gloves during the process of packaging all of our products. We're not sure how it may have occurred but appreciate you letting us know. Please send us a photo of this so we can fix this for you.

  • Great product...poor customer service

    Posted by Vicki on 14th Aug 2019

    Great, high quality product. Smells so rich and chocolately. Great moisture. All of their products are GREAT and I love everything I've used thus far hence the 5 star PRODUCT rating. The PROBLEM...customer service. I received my package, opened it immediately to find it half melted and mushy. I called customer service to request a replacement. Based on a previous review written by a customer, I was certain they would replace it as they said so in their reply to that customer. I even offered to return it but was told they could not send it to another customer like that. Exactly my point...I did not want a bag of mushy, melted wafers either. I was told management would call me back. I called again cuz no one ever called, and was told the same. Still no call so I called a 3rd time and same thing. After that I gave up and began using the butter as is. I was extremely disappointed at the lack of concern esp given the substantial amount I've spent on this site. During my first call, I was even told that they had recently received cold packs to be used for future orders. I recently placed another order which included more cocoa butter. I will receive that package today (8/14/19) and will update this review depending on the condition received. Lastly, with items like this and the Gloss Bars, cold packs are a NECESSITY during summer months. I was informed by customer service (and I see) that you've now placed a warning on Gloss Bars (not cocoa butter) to buy at your own risk because you refuse to replace if arrived melted/damaged. This DOES NOT make customers feel valued AT ALL!

    HS Reply: We really appreciate and value your feedback. It's true that unfortunately the summer months clients have to order at their own discretion. We do ship all glosses with ice packs but sometimes that heat is just still too much. Rather then take it offline completely we have clients who are okay with the shipping during higher heat times of the summer. It can fluctuate as well from state to state. We try to make the best decision and then leave that final decision in the hands of clients to decide if they want to order during the summer months or wait. If there is anything else we can do, we can even offer a credit for your next order due to your cocoa butter melting. Do let us know what we can do to assist you further. We hope this explanation sheds some light on our decision and hope that this helps a bit. Oh and we also really appreciate that you have us still yet a 5 star review. That was tremendously generous of you despite your honest feelings towards the products that have melted. - KC

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