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Red Raj

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Our amazing Red Raj henna powder with luscious rich red tones. Lawsone Content 3.29%

This special batch is produced by specially selected USDA ORGANIC henna leaves rich in lawsone content from Rajasthan's Region of India. Perfect for those who love rich red tones for hair, and for dark rich red henna body art designs. 

Red Raj is our professional body art grade henna powder:

  • yield vibrant red tones
  • the ultimate henna for henna artists
  • used by professional henna artists worldwide
  • easily washes out of hair
  • strengthens
  • loosens curl pattern
  • thicker hair
  • protects your hair from the elements
  • reduces split ends
  • gets rid of dandruff

Quantity: 100 grams

This henna powder comes inside an inner foil resealable pouch. This is the best packaging possible to maintain freshness.

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How much you will need depends on your hair length, and thickness. This will give you a generally idea of how much you’ll need for 1 application: Above ear length: 50-75 grams Shoulder length: 100-125 grams Bra strap length or mid-back: 150-175 grams Lower back (above hips): 200 to 225 grams Hip/Waist length: 250 to 300 grams


471 Reviews

  • Better than imagined

    Posted by ShayGal on 16th Sep 2018

    I’ve tried several henna products, many that were touted to be top of the line. NOTHING that I have tried compares to the Red Raj. It goes on creamy, not like mud, and it rinses out super easy with shampoo and conditioner. The color is deeper than I’ve ever achieved and adding oils to the mixture did not affect the dye release. I am now a Red Raj girl for life.

  • Worth Every Penny!!

    Posted by Sonja Reillo on 12th Sep 2018

    This was my first experience with 100% real henna. I had tried many years ago a product that claimed to be henna but was not ..
    It was mixed with some really bad stuff .I was allergic to PPD in the product !! My face and head suffered and so did my purse because of that ER bill. But it was my own fault I should of known better. After doing some research I came across 100% real henna made by God with no chemicals added. I gave this a try. I am so glad I took a chance. This is some great henna powder.!! Smells earthy and it is clean my hair loves it. The color is a rich deep red ..not orange on my grey hairs.. its so worth every penny. Wonderful from nature product. You can't go wrong!!

  • Red Raj for Dark Brown/Off Black Hair: It Works!

    Posted by Unknown on 7th Aug 2018

    I am extremely pleased. I returned to Henna’ing my hair last year 2017, to learn the process has become quite an art. No more Henna in the tin can with the “Indian Woman” on the front. Rainbow Red was my henna of choice, in returning to the process. After adding the teas, lemon juice, essential oils, even milk, Rainbow Red ended up drying out my hair. My hair even began to break. I concluded I was treating my hair too much. Perhaps the additions cancelled each other out. Who knows? So, I decided to take a break from henna’ing for 6 months, and then switch to Henna Sooq’s Red Raj and Henna-poo Bar. I must admit Red Raj is a bit pricey, but it did not disappoint. Not only did Red Raj stain my hair better, it also repaired my hair. Now, keep in mind for dark brown/off-black hair, henna only gives the hair a red hue best seen on sunny days. But, Red Raj turned my aura red, too. From hues of burgundy to just outright vibrant red, Red Raj gave my dark brown/off-black hair beautiful, shiny hues and glows. And, as another reviewer stated, it did not leave grit in my hair nor did my scalp itch from any residue left on it. I can’t wait to apply Red Raj, again, in another six months. Until then, I will continue to shampoo my hair with the Henna-poo Bar, which, as advertised, leaves my hair soft, silky, and almost tangle free. In all, I am a new fan of Henna Sooq’s henna products. As soon as Red Raj is back in stock, I will be stocking up!

  • Awesome Color

    Posted by Suzanne on 1st Jul 2018

    This is the second henna I have used to stain my hair. It makes a nice deep d stain of red. Also there is no earthy smell to my hair, even on staining day.

  • won me over

    Posted by Jacqueline on 25th Jun 2018

    I previously used the LUSH brand caca rouge henna and wanted to try real henna powder. Henna Sooq's red raj has won me over, because it rinses out very easily compared to the caca rouge and the color was more intense on my grey coverage. I really like being able to add a little to my deep conditioning treatments, adding essential oils and apple cider vinegar too. My hair does seem healthier and dandruff free ever since using this brand of henna in conjunction with my regular dandruff shampoo.

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